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Analysis and quality control

What is it for?

Calibration gases enable the operation of gas detectors and analysers in specific research and analysis fields. Some are public and private research, quality control, industrial process, testing, control, and inspection services.

At Air Liquide, we supply several analytical gases and mixtures to operate lab instruments and analysers to enhance your analytical performance.Our highly efficient gas handling equipment has helped public and private companies over the years.

Analysis and quality control at a glance

Air Liquide supplies analytical gases and mixtures for safe usage in laboratories and analysers. This includes ALPHAGAZ™ pure speciality gases used as carrier gases and Scott™ brand calibration mixtures produced with accurate concentrations and purity and are traceable. These gases are used as reference gases for equipment calibration. All our gases are certified and accredited and provide high accuracy and traceability. Calibration certificates are provided to ensure gas concentration. Our gas mixtures are certified in ISO/IEC 17025 and 17034, indicating good laboratory practices and documentary control.

With our extensive knowledge, we have developed the following premium brands:

  • ALPHAGAZ™– Includes high-quality pure gases and mixtures for analytical applications
  • CALGAZ™– Includes calibration mixtures and breath analyser applications that are delivered in small portable cylinders

Gases used for Analysis and Quality Control

Gas applications: Analysis & Quality

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