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A new air separation unit in the state of Uttar Pradesh

Air Liquide strengthens its position in India.

Air Liquide inaugurates a new Air Separation Unit in Nagpur, state of Maharashtra, central India

Air Liquide, a market leader, serves innovative gas solutions and technologies to a wide range of Industrial and Healthcare customers, thereby driving their performance. Ensuring safety at its core, Air Liquide prioritizes efficiency, reliability, and cost in its each solution.

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Our Businesses

Advanced gas solutions customised for your requirements

Industrial gas has remained at the core of Air Liquide's business since our inception in 1902. We deliver a wide range of cost-efficient gases and technological solutions to address your needs and also help you in reducing environmental impact.

Supplies are made through various modes like Onsite generation, across the fence pipelines, Bulk in liquid form and in Cylinders, allowing maximum flexibility and efficiency to our customers. All  our offers are designed keeping safety and operational excellence of our customers in mind.

Speciality solutions from hospital to home

Our Healthcare business is grouped under three domains:

  • As leader in home healthcare, Air Liquide is taking care of 1.8 million patients across 35 countries, thanks to our teams of 16,500 multi-disciplinary professionals. We strive to increase the autonomy of patients, by improving  adherence to their treatment thus reducing risks of complications and re-hospitalization.
  • Medical gases and associated services supplied by Air Liquide enables professionals in hospitals to care, relieve pain, anaesthetize and improve respiratory functions. Medical gases in our plants are manufactured under strict process control ensuring traceability and quality in accordance with regulations.
  • Air Liquide also designs and supplies innovative healthcare specialty ingredients, including excipients and actives for the vaccine, pharmaceutical, nutrition and cosmetics as well as Hygiene markets for several decades.

Preferred technology partner helping you build lean and efficient processing facilities

With 1600+ patents and 3000 employees working in 15 engineering centres & 3 manufacturing facilities worldwide, Air Liquide is an innovative technology provider creating viable solutions to address complex engineering goals of our customers.

We license engineering services and proprietary equipment apart from high-end engineering & design capabilities, project management & execution services. Our customers are taking advantage by customizing these technologies and gaining competitive advantage across a broad range of industrial processing operations.

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction is a premium strategic partner offering Cryogenic and Standard Air Separation Plants and other plants to manufacture Hydrogen, Syngas and technology for Petrochemicals, Natural Gas treatments and oleochemicals.  

Design small - Think big

Our core mission in Air Liquide is to facilitate innovation adopted by the most advanced electronic corporations in the world and deliver them the product stability and operational excellence they can rely on. 

We provide long-term solutions for semiconductors, photovoltaics and flat panel displays markets. As a world reference, we design, manufacture and deliver complex molecules and cost effective solutions which makes technology smart, efficient and powerful. 

We conceive for our clients the infinitely small and enable them to think amazingly big. Our dedicated R&D team works closely with industry experts and contributes in building new technology with a great future. 

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Air Liquide S.A., is a French multinational company which supplies industrial gases and services to various industries including medical, chemical and electronic manufacturers. Founded in 1902, after Linde it is the second largest supplier of industrial gases by revenues and has operations in over 80 countries.

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