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Air Liquide is taking Argon to the next level


Supplying Argon in several concentrations, purities and gas mixtures to meet the evolving needs of the industry and our customers.

Our Argon products

Air Liquide offers several solutions and brands

Each ARGON Gas and ARGON Mixture is designed to be easy to use, reliable and efficient. Covering practically any welding application, Air Liquide offers ARCAL™. 

New environmental regulations ask for improvement and we can help with that. How to produce lighter cars or any other light weight material? ARCAL™ is the answer for advanced and more efficient welding. We always deliver with the environment in mind and we support lowering emissions and creating a smaller carbon footprint.

Some of the most prominent used mixtures in the ARCAL™ range: ARCAL™ 1 | ARCAL™ 12 | ARCAL™ 21 | ARCAL™ 5 | ARCAL™ 32 | ARCAL™ 10 | ARCAL™ 14 | ARCAL™ 15 | ARCAL™ 121

Air Liquide offers ALPHAGAZ™, secure high purity Argon for use in laboratories, analytics, and process control applications. 

  • ALPHAGAZ™ 1, is a cost-effective solution for virtually any application meeting LCMS and CGMS requirements, with guaranteed low impurity levels. 
  • ALPHAGAZ™ 2, engineered for the most crucial scientific research applications, providing ultra-high purity for most applications. 

And when large volumes of gas are needed, Air Liquide delivers these gases in cryogenic liquid form. Useful specifically with ICP and FTIR instruments. 

Some of the most prominent used mixtures in the ALPHAGAZ™ range: ALPHAGAZ™ 1 | ALPHAGAZ™ 2 


We offer industrial Argon of high Purity with certified impurities.

  • N45 - Industrial Argon gas with 99.995% guaranteed purity, with certified impurities including Moisture & Oxygen.
  • N50 - Industrial Argon gas with a 99.999% guaranteed purity, with certified impurities including Nitrogen, Hydrocarbons, Moisture and Oxygen.

Air Liquide also offers ARGON mixtures, the best protection for welding aluminum, steel, bronze and copper. We have the answer for all your specific welding techniques. Our teams help you to choose the ARGON mixtures you need to improve the productivity and quality of your materials.

Some of the most prominent used mixtures in the ARGON mixtures range: Argon-CO2 | Argon-Oxygen | Argon-Hydrogen | ATAL 5A| LASAL™4670

The Best Industrial Services

Our gas solutions are there for you to succeed in every aspect of your activity. Air Liquide supports India towards a more sustainable future, lowering emissions and improving safety and reliability in the supply of ARGON gas and mixtures. 
  • Customer Experience

  • Customized Solutions

  • Product Range & Quality

  • Reduce Emissions

  • Installation & Road Safety

  • Technology

  • Process Expertise

Gas Supply modes- Air Liquide produces Argon in various grades and supply modes.

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