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Our patented combustion technologies are based on enriched air with pure oxygen.

What is it for?

Our proven and patented combustion technologies based on enriching air with pure oxygen will support your needs for making furnaces in the glass and metal industries more energy and cost efficient while also reducing pollutants.

Oxy-combustion at a glance

Air is the most common oxidizing agent in most industrial processes. Combustion occurs due to the reaction of oxygen and combustible molecules like fuel or natural gases. The process of enriching air with pure oxygen is oxy-combustion. This is done to reduce fuel consumption and combined with complete removal of nitrogen from the air, the reduction is more effective. It also helps reduce carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions that are harmful to humans and the environment.

Several methods enrich air with oxygen and generate optimum heat transfers to the molten product:

  • Adding oxygen to air before injection into the furnace
  • Direct Oxygen injection into the furnace using lances
  • Using oxy-fuel burners for distribution and injection of pure oxygen and fuel

In metallurgy, oxygen is used as a main gas in many applications such as the manufacture of nickel, zinc, steel, copper and aluminium. As a strategic partner for several global metallurgy companies, we offer two ways of supplying our gases to our customers - Pipeline and packed offers. Transportation of gas via pipeline is used when large volumes of gas is required. This is done to negate the environmental impacts of overland shipping as a secure option. 

BOOSTAL is our performance enhancement solutions to help companies which require lower volumes of gas. It consists of oxygen, and a full range of advanced technologies for non-ferrous metals, foundries and steel. Our on-site experts l help determine how BOOSTAL solutions can minimise environmental impacts.

Our exceptional R&D Team has developed Nexelia and ALGASS for oxy-combustion in glass making. It includes oxygen delivery, patented burners and additional value-added services.

Gases used for Oxy-combustion

Gas applications under Oxy-combustion

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