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Industrial Cryogenics

Cryogenics from Air Liquide can be traced back to 1902.

What is it for?

It is used to refrigerate liquid air to produce oxygen. Air Liquide's extensive experience in industrial cryogenics spans from designing and constructing cryogenic equipment to the supply of liquid gases. Our experts will help you customise solutions based on your applications in any industry. 

Industrial cryogenics at a glance

Cryogenics is mainly refrigeration below -180°C and gas liquefaction. This is done to modify the physical properties or maintain temperature during the process. It can also be used as an energy source to power various fuel cell vehicles and microelectronics. 

Industrial cryogenics has been involved in the development of Superconductivity, Launcher propulsion, Cryogrinding, Reactor cooling, Cryogenic cleaning. Air Liquide's Advanced Business & Technologies (AB&T) provides a variety of cryogenic equipment for use in science and industry. Our custom-designed cryogenic systems are adaptable to the needs of individual customers and research projects. 

These gases can be supplied in single cylinders, multi-cylinder packs or bulk volumes. 

Gas used for Industrial Cryogenic

Gas Applications: Industrial Cryogenics

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