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Welding and Cutting

Our solutions for Welding and Cutting Industry

What is it for?

The welding process allows the transformation of metallic materials such as sheets, tubes, etc., into machines and structures. The cutting process enables the separation of metal sheets, structures, and pipe pieces by using flame, plasma, or laser cutting. Welding involves arc welding, where a gas shields the liquid pool from ambient air.

Air Liquide has been at the heart of the welding and cutting gases sector for over a century. We have evolved and adapted our technology and expertise to meet our customer's ever-changing requirements. Our gas solutions are constantly evolving to meet new industry standards in manufacturing.

Requirement for cutting and welding processes

Whether active or inert, welding gas is always essential in arc welding processes. It provides localised protection of the weld, which is essential to achieve the mechanical properties of the joints and allows the speed and/or the quality of the welding to be optimised, depending on the project.

The choice of the gas mixture used is therefore far from trivial!

There are several different types of processes under the term “gas flow arc welding”. Each has its characteristics and requires specific welding gases.

In the case of cutting, gas is an active component to burn, melt, vaporize or blow away excess material, thereby creating clean-cut edges.

Gases used for Welding & Cutting

Gas applications: Welding

Gas applications: Cutting

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