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Welding and Cutting

Our solutions for TIG, MIG Welding, and Laser Cutting

Air Liquide has been serving welding and cutting customers over a century now. We have evolved our technologies & expertise to address challenges faced by the fabrication industry by ensuring superior weld quality, better efficiencies and lower costs of production simultaneously. We offer customized solutions for your specific needs.

Welding & Cutting Process

The welding process facilitates joining metallic materials such as sheets, tubes, etc., into machines and structures using electricity to melt the metal. In arc welding, an inert gas like Argon & Argon Mixtures shields the liquid metal pool from gases present in the atmosphere resulting in quality issues like porosity and spatters. 

The cutting process enables the separation of metal sheets, structures, and pipe pieces by using flame, plasma, or laser cutting. 

Our Welding & Cutting Solutions

Air Liquide offers ARCAL for Arc welding which includes a range of ready-to-weld argon mixture solutions that cover almost all of your welding application requirements. LASAL For cutting application includes a complete range of high-purity lasing gases which enhances the reliability of the laser machines and reduces production costs by increasing the lifespan of laser optics.

Gases used for Welding & Cutting

Gas applications: Welding

This is an arc welding process using a non-fusible tungsten electrode (hence the name Tungsten Inert Gas). In TIG welding, the electric arc is created between the electrode (incorporated in the torch) and the workpiece under inert gas protection. At Air Liquide, we study this process thoroughly and have thus prepared our ARCAL solutions i.e. Argon - Helium, Argon - Hydrogen mixtures to ensure smooth execution.


Precision and safety are required for the storage of high-pressure Laser gases. Air Liquide has designed laser gases as per the laser source manufacturers’ specifications.

  • Pure LASAL gases - are prepared under tight quality control procedures 

  • LASAL laser gases - include carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and helium. These gases can be supplied individually or pre-mixed based on the laser source used.

Plasma welding is an arc welding process. The plasma arc generates the heat source required for fusion. It also has a high energy density.

Air Liquide has been a pioneer in this field and has designed special gas compositions, enabling faster welding processes with the highest quality weld seams.


Metal Inert Gas (MIG) mixtures are used to weld non-ferrous materials such as Aluminum alloys, Copper alloys, Brass alloys, etc. 

Metal Active Gas (MAG) mixtures are used to weld steel, CrNi steels, dissimilar material grades, etc. 

Our products serve best for all applications, be they manual, Semi-Automatic, Robotic, or Fully Automated which comes along with our years of expertise in providing perfect welding solutions.


Gas applications: Cutting

Air Liquide has designed special gas/ gas mixtures as per various laser source manufacturers’ specifications. Air Liquide’s LASAL solution helps in improving the reliability and performance of specialized laser cutting work.

The laser cutting process is applied mainly on thin sheet metals that require high precision and productivity. Air Liquide’s LASAL solution helps in improving the reliability and performance of all types of laser cutting work.


Our offer includes FLAMAL brand gases, an oxy-fuel flame, and straight oxygen to form a cutting jet. FLAMAL is suitable for all types of manual and automatic flame-cutting operations, considering the high flexibility and performance processes. 

Our FLAMAL gas solutions are widely used in metal fabrication, shipyards, boilers, scrapping, and installation all across the world thanks to our expertise solutions.


The plasma-cutting process enables the thermal separation of metallic materials that cannot be cut by a flame and is used on all metals to secure high-quality cuts and high productivity levels. Air Liquide provides industries with the required expertise in plasma gases and helps industries execute the process effectively. We supply FLAMAL brand cutting fuel solutions to enhance the cutting experience. This is a stable, propylene-based high-energy fuel gas and is a safer and superior alternative to oxygen, propane, acetylene, and blended fuels.

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