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Air Liquide is taking Nitrogen to the next level


Air Liquide is a leading supplier of compressed nitrogen gas and liquid nitrogen in a range of purities and concentrations.

Our Nitrogen Products

Air Liquide provides high purity Nitrogen for laboratory applications for various applications automotive, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and to research institutions.

We're here to help you with the ALPHAGAZ™ product line., where we simplify gas selection based on purity grades.

ALPHAGAZ™ 1, a solution for low impurity levels, is recommended for most laboratory, analytic, and process-controlled applications. It’s best used as a carrier, instrumentation, and purge gas.Cryogenic solutions are available for ALPHAGAZ™ pure Nitrogen.

Need large volumes of Nitrogen with ICP and FTIR instruments? This solution is ideal, given that it provides ALPHAGAZ™ 1 purity specifications.


Helping out the reliability, service life, stability, and optimization of laser sources, the LASAL™ range of nitrogen gas provides 99.999% pure solutions, specially engineered for high-precision welding and cutting stainless and carbon steel.

Discover- LASAL™ 1 | LASAL™ 83 | LASAL™ 2001


Our Industrial Nitrogen Services (INS) division offers temporary and on-demand bulk nitrogen supply.

This comes with trained personnel and custom-designed pumping kits for industrial applications such as accelerated cooldowns, hot stripping of hydrocarbons, purging, blanketing, inerting, displacing, etc.


The definitive standard for calibration accuracy, the Scott Nitrogen mixtures, ensure the highest quality gas mixture that is fully traceable to be recognized by metrology standards. In addition, our customized products offer ultimate flexibility in a wide range of precise operations.

Leak testing can be done accurately with our Nitrogen-Helium (5/10%) mixtures, especially in the aeronautics division.

Cutting steel, stainless steel, and aluminium can be done with excellent results using our Nitrogen-Hydrogen mix.

Some of the most prominent used mixtures: 90%N2+10%HE MIX HP95%N2+5%HE MIX HP95%N2+5%H2 MIX HP 

The Best Industrial Services

Our gas solutions are there for you to succeed in every aspect of your activity. Air Liquide supports India towards a more sustainable future, lowering emissions and improving safety and reliability in the supply of Nitrogen gas and mixtures. 
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