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Air Liquide is taking Carbon Dioxide to the next level

Carbon Dioxide

We supply CO2 in liquid and gaseous forms, pure or mixed with other gases.

Our Carbon Dioxide products

Carbon dioxide (CO2) serves a variety of key applications across industries.
  • LASAL™ Range offers assistance gases for laser processes
  • ARCAL™ range offers gases for arc welding
  • ALPHAGAZ™ offers pure gases and special mixtures for analytical and research operations


Our pure gases and LASAL™ blends are prepared under strict quality control procedures that remove virtually all impurities such as moisture, hydrocarbons and particulates. 

LASAL™ laser gases - carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium - can be supplied separately or pre-mixed, depending on the laser source used.

Our pure LASAL™ gases are prepared under strict quality control procedures. We offer technical assistance by specialized experts and services around management of gas activities on your site such as safety audits, gas handling training, smoke reduction system.

We offer Carbon Dioxide Premium of high purity with certified impurities- CO2 INDUSTRIAL

Air Liquide also offers Carbon Dioxide mixtures, for optimum quality welding applications.

We have the answer for all your specific welding techniques. Our teams help you to choose the Carbon Dioxide mixtures you need to improve the productivity and quality of your materials.

Some of the most prominent used mixtures in this range: ALPHAGAZ™ 1Ar+Co2 Mix 

The Best Industrial Services

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  • Product Range & Quality

  • Reduce Emissions

  • Installation & Road Safety

  • Technology

  • Process Expertise

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