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Heat treatment of metals

What is it for?

Air Liquide, an expert in heat treatment and surface treatments, offers you a complete range of gas and distribution facilities to optimize your productivity while adopting solutions that are sustainable.

Metal parts, primarily steel and other alloys, undergo multiple heat treatment cycles to improve surface mechanical and structural properties. Our extensive research and knowledge, along with our technical expertise, makes us the best at competitive gas solutions.

Heat treatment process under controlled atmosphere

The risk of oxidation and decarburization (for carbon steels) is high in the heat treatment process. It is used to modify the surface properties, structure and metallurgical phases of metals, steel and alloys such as copper. 

An inert gas, such as nitrogen, is used with active gases such as natural gas, hydrogen, cracked methanol, or propane to maintain a controlled gas atmosphere. At Air Liquide, we focus on developing the controlled atmosphere or metal interaction to help our customers experience the proper heat treatment application. These solutions include:

  • defining ad-hoc atmosphere as per each industrial case,
  • study and implementation of an industrial solution,
  • supply of gases and gas mixtures,
  • continuous supervision solutions for furnace atmosphere,
  • operational advice and assistance.

The ALNAT™ range of metal heat treatment solutions helps in enhancing the metallurgical and/or mechanical properties of materials and components. It ensures a controlled atmosphere for your various applications’ safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Gas used for Heat Treatment

Gas Applications: Change the Properties of a metal

Gas Applications: Manufacturing of new products

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