Air Liquide supplies Hydrogen, an important gas for many sectors, pure and mixed with other gases, to perfectly meet your applications. Present in the atmosphere only in trace amounts, H2 is generated from hydrocarbons, water, methanol or biomass.

Our hydrogen products

Our ALPHAGAZ™ range offers pure gases and special mixtures, as well as equipment for analytical and research applications.
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ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Hydrogen

Air Liquide offers hydrogen as a pure specialty gas, available in our ALPHAGAZ™ line of pure gas. ALPHAGAZ™ 1 grade features 99.999% purity. It is a premium brand of Air Liquide speciality gas for analytical applications. 


 Structure nano moléculaire abstraite. Hydrogène H2

We offer Hydrogen premium of high purity with certified impurities. 
- H2 HP

Our teams help you to choose the Hydrogen mixtures you need to improve the productivity and quality of your materials.

93%AR+7%H2 MIX IND95%N2+5%H2 MIX HP

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