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Air Liquide Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)

Our new e-Procurement platform

In the context of global digital change, we initiated our own transformation by embracing new digital tools to remain an innovative leader in the industry. The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is a crucial step in that direction. Set to become our centralized digital tool for Procure-to-Pay, it enables us to offer free and efficient solutions to our suppliers and business partners. 

By working with us electronically, you will increase your order-taking efficiency, reduce mistakes and delays when fulfilling orders and in submitting invoices, all the while being able to maintain better contact with us.

How can you benefit from CSP?

  • Efficient invoice submission and acknowledgement

  • Instant visibility to Purchase Order details

  • Reduced manual paper transaction processing

  • Invoice submission by supplier

Let's get you started!

To start you can watch our video and slide demos below or read on! Alternatively, you can download/consult our full CSP user guidelines.


You will find the Coupa Supplier Portal easy to use. First, you must register your account. You can fill out the Supplier enablement form below.

You will receive an email from Coupa Supplier Portal asking you to join. Be sure to click only on the direct link at the bottom of the invitation for the account registration. Follow the instructions and you’ll be all set! 



You’re registered and good to go? Perfect! Let’s move on to creating an invoice. Here are the 5 steps to follow: 

  1. Go to purchase orders.
  2. Click on the gold coin icon to be redirected to the Invoice Creation page.
  3. Complete your invoice information, including the invoice’s serial number and selecting the tax scheme you want to apply.
  4. Once you’re done, submit the invoice.
  5. Review the status of your invoice in the invoice section of the portal.


What's SR2M?

Supplier Relationship and Risk Management is the discipline we adopt in managing interactions with third party organizations that supply goods or services to Air Liquide. It is designed to make the most of these interactions by maximizing value, minimizing risks, and optimizing Air Liquide’s resources deployment. 

SR2M starts with a supplier’s onboarding and continues throughout the lifecycle. It requires close cooperation between the Procurement and Operations/Business teams who play a strong role in those activities

Relationship and performance management

Relationship and performance management promotes value creation with Air Liquide partners. There are 4 segments of suppliers based on the suppliers’ impact on Air Liquide activities and their value creation potential: Strategic, Leverage, Potential and Transactional. Depending on the segment, Procurement and Operations/Business teams should organize regular business reviews (Executive and/or Operational), to evaluate and improve performance through KPI monitoring and joint action plan development

Suppliers' risks

Supplier’s risks should be assessed and mitigated before entering a business relationship and then monitored on a regular basis. On top of Trade Compliance and Corruption risks (which are deal breakers), 7 types of risks have been defined [to be hyperlinked]. Critical Suppliers should be identified, evaluated, monitored and qualified through detailed evaluations and/or on-site audits and/or dedicated (joint) mitigation action plans.

Code of Conduct


The Air Liquide Group adheres to the highest standards in conducting business and is committed to respecting human and labor rights and protecting the environment.  

We’re a signatory of:

  • The UN Global Compact: The UN Global Compact’s 10 founding principles cover human rights, international labor standards, the environment and corruption.
  • The  Responsible Care Charter: This initiative is run by the International Council of Chemical Associations, whose signatories give their commitment to improve the global chemical industry performance in terms of health, safety and environmental protection

In accordance with these commitments we expect each of our suppliers, their parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliate entities, employees, temporary or not, and our suppliers’ own suppliers and subcontractors, to comply with the principles described in our “Supplier’s Code of Conduct”.


In the frame of the COP21 Agreement, Air Liquide is striving to contribute to a more sustainable world, where the environment is respected and natural resources are preserved. That is why we expect our suppliers to contribute as well to these efforts and commitments by complying with applicable environmental protection regulations and by identifying their societal and environmental risks.


Air Liquide India prioritizes security above everything. As our contractor or subcontractor we ask you to make sure you’re complying with our safety regulation.

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