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The best supply of high purity quality gas? That’s Floxal!

On-site Solutions

Reliable large flow-rates produced on-site, a solution that delivers customized service and helps reduce your carbon footprint, and costs.

Floxal™ Solutions

For every unique need of the customer, we align a best suited solution. Generated on-site, Floxal™ supplies various gases in the desired needs of purity, pressure and high flow rate. Operated and maintained by the local teams of Air Liquide, gases are delivered with reliability, highest standards of quality and safety. Flexible and worry-free, giving you peace of mind.


Worry-free on the site solution

State of the art plants built to ensure safety, reliability and cost efficiency. Air Liquide promises uninterrupted supply. Let's find out why Floxal™ can be fundamental in your facility.

Floxal™ is an innovative solution

Less gas storage and logistics is necessary to deliver a better service: our ecosystem of alarm response centers and qualified service technicians monitor the on-site operation to ensure maximum safety.


Supply on the customers premises that matches the required need at any time.

We offer optional capacity extension by multi-units. Our plants produce a full product range according to specifications of flow-rate, pressure and purity.

Floxal™ is the best insurance of consistent and uninterrupted supply

Together with sophisticated patented technologies and networks of Alarm Response Centers, our state of the art on-site production delivers very large flow-rates and eliminates possible liquid transport calamities.

Air Liquide, the expert in risk management, tracks performance and provides full support and assurance with local maintenance teams. Automatic delivery is arranged if the reliable bulk back-up storage gas levels ever run low. Even during maintenance, there is continuous supply. With our guaranteed performance you will never run out of gas, and can keep your focus on your business.

The primary cost of on-site gas production is energy

Hence, we offer the most energy efficient technology, including a load following capability. With reduced demand, the technology adjusts itself to lower the energy consumption.

On-site production eliminates costs of energy to liquify and transport gas to the facility. Floxal™ delivers guaranteed availability, with additional supply through a bulk tank, yet you only pay when consumed. This is Air Liquide’s 100% gas cost guarantee. Customers pay for the actual volume of gas consumed meeting their needs along with commercial benefits.


Markets: Metals, Glass, Chemical and Refineries, Food , Polysilicon .

Applications: Heat treatment,Sintering, Cooling,Hydrogenation,Processing.

Innovative design requires less storage and logistics, improving safety and enables easy and low cost installation.   

Designed with a small footprint, with capacity for extension with multi-units, it delivers an automated and uninterrupted gas supply.



Markets: Metals, Glass, Electronics, Chemical and Refineries, Food - Pharmaceuticals.

Applications: Heat treatment, Metal refining, Inerting, Purging, Blanketing and Packaging.

Adapted to evolve with customer demands, it balances energy efficiency and investment. 

Used in multi-cycle cryogenic distillation to make high purity nitrogen gas, up to 99.999%. Only a small amount of liquid nitrogen injection is required to maintain the fractional distillation, avoiding high cost turbines and energy consumption that occurs in bulk generating plants.



Markets: Metals, Glass, Chemical ,Food - Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper, Waste and Water treatment.

Applications: Melting, Refining, Oxy-combustion, Fermentation, Oxidation, Bleaching and Delignification.

Innovated technology, improved energy efficiency and a wide product range, it has it all. The enhanced oxygen generator uses innovative Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA), together with efficient sourcing it reduces the costs significantly. It is optimized for dedicated markets, an automated operation with uninterrupted gas supply. 


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