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Helium, a chemically inert gas, plays a critical role in a wide array of applications such as Inerting, Cooling and Welding in electronics, laboratory research, fibre optics, and space sectors.

Our Helium products 

Air Liquide supplies this pure specialty gas in many volumes, depending on your needs, from ISO containers to non returnable Mini-Mix™ Transportable cylinders.


Air Liquide engineers various grades of pure helium under the ALPHAGAZ™ brand. ALPHAGAZ™1 grade of pure helium has a purity of 99.999%. Comes in compressed gas cylinders equipped with ergonomic open caps and SMARTOP™ valves.

ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Helium (He) is a standard gas in routine analysis. Applications include use as a carrier gas in gas chromatography (GC) and as an operating gas in mass spectrometry (MS) and elemental analysis. In addition, ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Helium is also used as a zero gas or purge gas in TOC analysis and thermal analysis. In the semiconductor industry, helium is used for cooling. Less frequently, ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Helium is also used as a leak test medium. 


Our pure gases and LASAL™ Blends are prepared under strict quality control procedures that remove virtually all impurities such as moisture, hydrocarbons and particulates. 

We offer technical assistance by specialized experts and services around management of gas activities on your site such as safety audits, gas handling training, smoke reduction system.

Some of the most prominent used mixtures in the LASAL™ range: LASAL™4 - He | LASAL™ 86LASAL™ 53LASAL™ P66 | LASAL™ 66 |  LASAL™ P51LASAL™ 41 

Pure helium is essential for many industries and applications, in particular MRI and NMR, semiconductors, optical fibers, scientific research, tethered balloons or airships, rocket launching, leak detection.

We have a dedicated delivery fleet and customizable delivery services to guarantee your helium supply. Cylinders from Air Liquide come equipped with ergonomic open caps and SMARTOP™ valves, with quick ON/OFF levers and built-in pressure gauges to minimize product shrinkage. Ancillary equipment designed to safely handle helium is also available, including cylinder carts and cylinder stands.


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