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We make wastewater clean

Water treatment

Air Liquide India is a leading global water & wastewater tech company.

What is it for?

Air Liquide provides innovative, scalable, limiting carbon footprint and most importantly sustainable solutions to address toxic hard COD, sulphides, turbidity & sludge for a variety of effluents using pure oxygen and/or ozone.

Water Treatment in India at a glance

Our excellent state of the art design-build-operate capabilities help industries comply with pollution norms. We started our Indian operations in 2012 supporting pulp & paper industries in the North and slowly penetrating into other parts of India.

Water treatment consists of several mechanical and chemical processes that aim to remove water contaminants or reduce their concentration to make water more acceptable for a desired end-use. Contaminants can be solid or dissolved and include metals and minerals, organic substances, viruses, bacteria, fungi.

Gases used for Wastewater treatment

Our solutions

NEXELIA™, our all-in-one solution

For industries, municipalities and water utility companies, Air Liquide offers Nexelia™ all-in-one solution, which encompasses drinking water, process water and wastewater.

Our expert teams implement the solution on site to ensure the expected performance is met.

One label, many treatments

For drinking water

NEXELIA™ for drinking water covers gas applications and equipment used for treating potable water and ozone oxidation for disinfection.

For waste water treatment

NEXELIA™ for biological treatment relates to the use of pure oxygen to boost biological basins performance with in-house gas injectors, instead of using the traditional air blowing technology. In addition, advanced oxidation treatments with ozone can be implemented to destroy micro-pollutants and harmful chemicals. 

For tertiary treatment

NEXELIA™ for Tertiary Treatment is an all-in-one gas solution, using ozone (O3) to remove pathogenic organisms or  pollutants which are difficult to biodegrade like micro-pollutants (pharmaceutical and personal care product  residues), surfactants, inks, etc.

Our equipment

We supply a range of products, equipment and services for water and wastewater treatment. To explore all of our water treatment equipment, you can take a look at the slideshow below. 

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