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Oxygen is essential to many industries. For our large industry customers, refining, steel, chemicals and other massive volumes of industrial grade oxygen are used to improve a range of industrial processes.

Our Oxygen products

Bulk volumes of oxygen are used in metal fabrication applications such as smelting, cutting and welding. Oxygen increases efficiency in a number of processes by reducing the amount of fuel used and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

ALPHAGAZ™ O2 : Carrier Gas; Instrumentation Gas

 Oxygen is an oxidising agent and is used as a fuel gas in routine analysis. Mainly ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen is used as flame gas in the flame ionisation detector (FID). Another application is the use as carrier gas in TOC analysis (determination of the total organic carbon content). 

In the semiconductor industry ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen can be used for oxidation of silicon layers. 

Another application area of ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen is the oxidation of various molecules in the treatment of drinking water. 

ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen (O2) is a compressed colourless and odourless gas, which is heavier than air and supports combustion. ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen (O2) is conceived for routine analysis in the laboratory. The high purity level and the low level of impurities are the main component in the ALPHAGAZ™ concept.


LASAL™ 2003: LASER Cutting Assist Gas

LASAL™ 2003 is used for laser cutting carbon steel & also increases the cutting speed 10 to 30%. LASAL™ 2003 pressure is available on 200/300 bar in cylinder & bundle form.

- LASAL™ 2003 (150 BAR)LASAL™ 2003 (200 BAR)

Industrial Oxygen : O2 IND

Oxygen is used in industries, in manufacturing plants for combustion, oxidation, cutting and various chemical reactions. The difference is that purity levels of industrial oxygen are not at par with medical oxygen. There can be impurities from the containers of industrial oxygen.

O2 IND (150 BAR)O2 IND (200 BAR)


Medical Oxygen: Health Care

Widely used in various sectors in the hospital for hypoxia treatment: from the first aid room, operation room, intensive care unit to the ward. Medical oxygen flows through the hospital by means of a highly-safe distribution pipeline. This is to ensure timely supply of medical oxygen. It can be obtained through a wall interface device installed in each ward, or through a pipeline directly connected to a pressurized gas cylinder. The production and distribution process of all medical oxygen shall comply with related regulations of the nation.

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