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Inert Gas Blanketing

What is it for?

The process in which inert gases such as nitrogen and argon are injected during production, storage or transportation of products or at any specific stage involved in the industrial processing to remove oxygen, moisture or other gases present in the atmospheric air is referred to as blanketing or inerting. 

In this process, products can be converted and preserved from a flammable or reactive state to a safe, non-flammable and non-reactive state. This is because an inert gas does not interact directly with other compounds or materials.

Requirement for Inert Gas Blanketing

In an industrial setup, the transferring of products is an important step. Nitrogen and Argon play a key role in preventing the oxidation around a space by neutralizing the atmospheric air. It helps to provide a protective around with no extreme reactions by preventing oxygen or any other atmospheric gas from coming into contact with any reactive product.

Air Liquide’s technical prowess and expertise in purging, blanketing and inert gas injection solutions help you manage these risks in various industries such as chemicals, refining, plastics, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, storage, food and beverage.

Gases used for Inert Gas Blanketing

Gas Applications: Inert Gas Blanketing

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